Stay organized & make your life easier with a personal desktop

Organize all your messages, files, tools and information in one place

Stop the madness of jumping between thirty different web sites and apps. TripFlock is your central access point and personal desktop for everything related to your travel or hospitality business. You personalize it and you control it.

Stay in the loop with a unified social stream

Stop the madness of jumping between thirty different web sites and apps. TripFlock is your central access point and personal desktop for everything related to your travel or hospitality business. You personalize it and you control it.

Increase productivity with integrated tools for your team

Create beautiful quotes and invoices

Create professional looking documents with a drag and drop editor. Add price quotes, photos, text, and brand them with your company logo. Easily track and manage payments, groups, and due dates. Print out or send a PDF email.

Easily manage to do’s, tasks and reminders

Do you find it hard to manage all of the things you need to accomplish in a typical work day? Effortlessly track and manage all of your to do’s from an integrated task manager. Check them off as you complete each item. It’s fast and simple.

Automatically capture detailed preferences from your customers

Your customer likes to travel during March, likes Hilton Hotels, has a typical budget of $3000 and dislikes seafood restaurants. Easily manage all of the likes and dislikes of your customers. Track everything and allow customers to automatically update their personal preferences so you can wow them every step of the way.

An integrated social CRM for managing contacts and activity

A flexible contact management system that keeps you focused, organized and on track. Build strong relationships with your customers, preferred suppliers and prospects. Powerful tagging ability, custom fields, folders, mass email, and even connect with your social media accounts.

Full color graphs, reports and analytics

Get a 360 degree view of your travel or hospitality business with detail reports on sales, revenue, income and pending commissions. Create custom reports specific for your needs.


Provide your entire staff access to My Network and source new local or global partnerships. Easily grow your network of referral, affiliate, distribution or marketing partners. Connect with travel agencies, tour guides, restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, meeting planners, car rental companies and many more. Instantly add new partners to your integrated CRM and begin collaboration with one click.

Streamline communication & collaboration

Communicate directly with your team, preferred partners and customers.

Streamline your communications with an integrated messaging solution. Invite your clients and preferred suppliers into a common platform. Reduce emails and track important conversations within your daily workflow.

Dynamic community discussion groups

Participate in online discussions with like-minded travelers, travel experts and other industry professionals. Get fast answers to your questions or contribute your knowledge and earn expertise points!


Respond, take action and keep your customers happy with integrated feedback management tools. Easily monitor and reply to suggestions, complaints and tips. All feedback is color coded and assigned to appropriate staff improving efficiency and response time. See at a glance how your customers rate your products, services and staff.


Participate in online discussions with like-minded travelers, travel experts and other industry professionals. Get fast answers to your questions or contribute your knowledge and earn expertise points!

Research, plan & book customer experiences

Organize your research and notes in custom Planning Journals

Create unlimited Journals or ‘scrapbooks’ for any purpose. Keep track of research for a trip to Italy, plan a group cruise or save important information you find online. Color codes your journals, keep them private or invite clients to collaborate.

Stay organized. Forward your email confirmations and correspondence

As you plan customer trips or activities and manage the day to day operations of your business you start to accumulate tons of emails, correspondence, notes and notifications. Forward emails to your account and have them automatically organized within your Journals.

Clip web pages, confirmations and other information

Do you ever wish there was a better way to keep track of web sites or information that you come across on the internet? Well, there is now. Simply click a button in your browser and instantly save a web page or information to your journals.

Explore millions of destinations, places and attractions

Quickly scan through millions of restaurants, hotels, and attractions at top destinations worldwide. Flip cards to get a closer look and then save your favorites.

Quickly access your favorite travel and booking apps

There are thousands of travel booking applications on the web combined with even more individual airline, car, hotel, restaurant, cruise, tour providers and GDS apps. Launch your favorite’s right from TripFlock.

Capture booking details from top reservation systems – Coming Soon

Make bookings on your favorite travel sites. Instantly capture the booking confirmation page details and automatically add the data to your quotes, invoices or accounting reports. Eliminate manual data entry!

Promote & grow your travel or hospitality business

Build a beautiful web site or blog

Industry leading web site building tools provide all the features you need to create and customize a beautiful travel & hospitality web site. No other web site building system allows you to simply drag and drop content around your pages and create unlimited designs and layouts.

Promote your brand, expertise and deals with self-service Advertisments

Create and distribute text, display or banner ads throughout the platform and weekly emails. Target your ads by destination, keyword, or by user type. View detailed reports and full color graphs on impressions and clicks.

Gain new customers with incoming leads

All paid accounts include access to incoming trip & activity requests. A cost-effective way to get qualified travel leads right in your inbox. Track and manage leads with an integrated lead management system.

Provide your customers with a branded trip & ACTIVITY planning portal

Streamline communication with customers by providing them their very own planning workspace linked to your account. Customize the traveler view with your own logo, colors, content, booking tools, deals and preferred suppliers.


Create, publish and distribute your company’s deals with ease. Target travelers or locals by search destination or keywords. A cost effective way to bring more customers to your business. No commission splits, revenue share or extra fees.


Have a tool, app, booking system or web site that you want to promote? Make it easy for customers to access by adding it to the app marketplace. The marketplace offers a directory of B2C and B2B apps that customers can instantly bolt on to their own personal desktop.


Efficiently and effectively publish, target and distribute your content across multiple channels. Utilize drag and drop WYSIWYG editors to deploy blog posts, press releases, content pages, deals, surveys, events and more. Track your ROI and gain valuable insight into each content post with full color graphs and detailed stat reports.


Travelers and locals use TripFlock to plan trips or activities. They are exploring new destinations, looking for a place to stay or eat, and shopping for deals. Contextually position your company, apps, products and services in the right place at the right time. Assign keyword tags to your profile and show up in all relevant searches. Start reducing your reliance on expensive PPC campaigns!

Customize your own company private work space

Bring your team together

Take control of the industry’s most advanced private workspace. Configure everything to your company’s exact specifications. Personalize the private workspace with your custom logo, colors, and content. It comes complete with a powerful content management system, user permissions, teams, groups, controls and privacy settings. Share everything including messages, client records, quotes, invoices, leads and calendars.

SHOWcase your management, staff & employees

Highlight your company employees with beautiful profile pages. Each staff member can personalize with their own photos, text, bio and contact information. Effectively promote staff expertise, skills, ratings and testimonials.